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Innovative instructional designer with a background in STEM, passionate about creating engaging and effective learning experiences


What I do

I'm an accomplished instructional designer, driven by a genuine passion for crafting impactful learning experiences. With more than six years of experience in this field, I've effectively guided teams and consistently surpassed objectives. My profound enthusiasm lies in harmonizing the broader vision with intricate details to shape projects that deeply resonate with stakeholders and participants alike.

What I am looking for

I'm seeking new opportunities and collaborations in the field of instructional design. Whether you're an educator, a subject matter expert, or an organization ready to enhance your learning initiatives, I'm eager to explore potential partnerships that foster growth and innovation. Additionally, I'm open to expanding my network and connecting with like-minded professionals who share my enthusiasm for creating exceptional learning experiences. Let's embark on this journey together!

- Portfolio

Title IX Basics

Instructional Design Process

In this project, I undertook the development of two interactive modules aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of Title IX for solo learners. Following the systematic approach of the ADDIE process, the project unfolded through the following key steps:

  • Identified the client's need for a modern and informative solo learning module on Title IX.
  • Recognized the absence of a performance goal, guiding the decision not to include a formal assessment.
  • Established the primary focus on delivering up-to-date information through an interactive learning experience.
  • Consolidated relevant resources on Title IX to ensure accuracy, currency, and relevancy of information.
  • Developed a detailed outline, organizing the structure and content flow for the modules.
  • Collaborated with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and key executives in regular review sessions to validate content accuracy and relevance.
  • Created a storyboard, complete with mockups illustrating each page's layout, interactivity elements, and incorporated accessibility features.
  • Utilized the insights gathered during the design phase to begin the actual development of the interactive modules.
  • Incorporated multimedia elements, ensuring an engaging learning experience.
  • Maintained constant communication with stakeholders to address feedback and make necessary adjustments during the development process.
  • Deployed two versions of the modules, each customized to align with the distinct style guides of the client's websites.
  • Conducted thorough testing of both versions to identify and address any potential issues or bugs.
  • Gathered feedback to gauge the effectiveness of the modules.
  • Incorporated insights from the evaluation phase to refine and enhance the overall user experience.

Through the ADDIE process, this project successfully delivered two interactive modules that met the client's requirements for modern and informative content and aligned with the visual identity of each website through customized styling. The collaborative approach with SMEs and key stakeholders ensured the accuracy and relevance of the information presented, contributing to a valuable and engaging learning resource on Title IX. Please note that some accessibility features, including resources, are not available on the portfolio version of this project. The primary focus of the portfolio is to showcase the design, interactivity, and overall structure of the modules. If you require specific information about the accessibility features, please feel free to reach out, and I'll be happy to provide details.

Survey Design

Storyline 360 Project

This Survey Design Overview Learning Module underscores my expertise as an instructional designer. This module is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of survey design.


The primary objective of this project was to create an engaging and informative learning module focused on survey design basics. This module equips learners with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to create effective surveys for various purposes.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Content: The module covers all aspects of survey design, from setting clear objectives and selecting the appropriate survey type to crafting well-structured questions.

Quiz Assessment: To gauge learners' comprehension and retention of the material, a graded quiz section is included.

Instant Feedback: Learners receive specific feedback for each quiz question, helping them understand their mistakes and guiding them toward the correct answers. This approach encourages active learning and self-improvement.

Progress Tracking: Learners can monitor their progress throughout the module, ensuring they stay on the right learning path. This feature also facilitates identifying areas that may require further attention.

User-Friendly Design: The learning module is designed for ease of use, ensuring that learners of all skill levels can navigate and engage with the content effortlessly.


Understanding the principles of survey design is crucial in collecting accurate and meaningful data, whether for market research, gathering customer feedback, or conducting academic studies. This module empowers learners with valuable knowledge that opens doors to various career opportunities.

Interactive Adult Learning Principles Showcase: Microlearning

Storyline 360 Project

This project is designed to demonstrate my skills as an instructional designer and showcase my passion for creating engaging and effective microlearning experiences.


For this project, I utilized Articulate Storyline to develop an interactive microlearning page that explores and illustrates six key adult learning principles and provides practical insights on how to apply them. This project serves as a testament to my instructional design capabilities and my commitment to enhancing adult learning experiences through bite-sized, impactful content.

Key Features:

Engaging Micro-Interactivity: The Interactive Microlearning Showcase offers bite-sized, interactive segments that allow learners to dive into each adult learning principle individually. This approach fosters a deeper understanding and retention of the principles.

Real-World Scenarios: I've incorporated real-world workplace scenarios within each microlearning module to make the content relevant and relatable. Learners can see how these principles apply directly to their work situations and expand their knowledge with optional additional resources.

Visual Appeal: The design is visually appealing, with a clean layout and user-friendly navigation, ensuring an enjoyable and efficient learning experience.

Hiking Etiquette: Gamification

Storyline 360 Project

This is a dynamic eLearning module designed to enhance learners' understanding of hiking etiquette, created for use on an environmental agency’s website.


With this project, I created an engaging and immersive scenario-based eLearning experience that would challenge learners to test their hiking etiquette knowledge while ensuring they are well-equipped to explore trails responsibly.

Key Features:

Immersive Learning: Through interactive scenarios, learners step into the hiking boots of a virtual hiker, making decisions in real-life hiking situations. These decisions have a direct impact on the learning experience, fostering active participation

Comprehensive Content: The module covers a wide spectrum of hiking etiquette topics, from Leave No Trace principles to wildlife encounters, trail safety, and respecting fellow hikers' space.

Progress Monitoring: I designed the module with built-in tracking and assessment features. Learners can monitor their progress and receive instant feedback.

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